Radical .... But not unambiguously. 
Order and chaos ... What was first? The chicken or the egg?
Nonsens ... and ... the infinity of our capabilities.


Alexandra (1970) is an infinite rebel. Does what is discouraged. Imagines the absurd outgrowths of human logic. Shows that it is actually illogical. We should care for each other, we always mean well. There's enough for each and everyone of us. Nevertheless the world is permanently plagued by hate and hunger, needless and avoidable suffering. If one can exist with that madness, then why not with her madness? If backstabbing hypocrisy is allowed, then of course openness and exposure are also permitted. Alexandra believes in the fruit of confrontation. Relies on the harmony of extremes that underlies progress. Liberates herself, mocks conventions. The abstract work screams wildly, but euphonious for attention. The figurative ogles and bites. The compositions depict her views, the brush stroke the determination with which she occupies them, the colors the passion.

There is beauty in recognition, though sometimes it hurts. Everything can be discussed. And humor helps. Who looks at Alexandra's paintings can see who she is. Unexpectedly well balanced within an aura of extremism. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes airy, always esthetic. Like life itself.

Alexandra graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. She mainly works with oil on canvas. Her work is also available in weatherproof version. (perspex)

During the family exhibition of 2013 (Expositi3) Alexandra issued a statement in which she pleads a better art policy in Belgium. Where she lives. Developments in this regard, can be followed on her blog (language; Dutch).